Vijay Sai Vadlamudi

MD & Chief Advisor

Operating at the intersection of business and technology, Vijay Sai brings a wealth of business experience in industry and higher education acquired through his association with globally renowned institutions both in India and the USA. His current work involves Information Technology management with a focus on delivery and support of large-scale software systems. His experience also spans graduate-level teaching, student admissions, graduate student mentoring, and curriculum refactoring. His teaching interests lie in enriching software engineers on data-driven approaches to prepare for the future of work.

In addition to his qualification as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Vijay Sai holds advanced degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, including an MBA from the Tepper Business School and a Master of Software Engineering from the School of Computer Science.

Ritesh Yarlagadda

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Ritesh is the Chief Strategy Officer of Turnkey. He is an entrepreneur with a focus on supply chain and technology. He has previously worked as a consultant in technology domains such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Deloitte Consulting and EXL Analytics. He is currently working with a start-up that delivers solutions in areas of smart warehousing and logistics.​ He keeps abreast with developments in the areas of data-driven operations management learning from premier educational institutions.

Mr. Ritesh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from IIT, Madras and a Post-Graduate Degree in Management from IIM Bangalore.

Praveen Garimella

Chief Academic Advisor

Empowering the youth through technology-enabled personalized teaching and learning has always been the focus for Praveen Garimella. He has sought to realize this goal through the different roles he has played as a learning facilitator. As the current Associate Dean of the Consortium of Institutions of Higher Learning (CIHL), he has designed and executed more interactive learning methods to improve learning efficacy and learner competency. He is a former Associate Director at the Centre for Education Technology and Learning Science (CETLS) and the Co-Founder of Carnegie LbD and Tara Mobile Technologies.

In addition to holding advanced degrees in Software Engineering, he is pursuing his doctorate from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), India, and is an Adjunct Research Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. His areas of research interest pertain to the use of AI for Education.