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Turnkey Learning Approach

Both academic brilliance and the ability to think independently as well as collectively contribute towards professional progress. This ideology is the foundation of Turnkey Learning.

We invite you to embrace our three-step approach:


Learn by Doing

Learning is more effective when concepts taught in class are applied to tackle real-world challenges. Our online classrooms meet that demand by linking theory and practice.


Build Confidence

Our virtual certificate programs are designed to empower learners by providing a learning experience that helps them discover their true potential.


Grow in Your Role

Our approach to e-learning helps learners develop sound analytical skills, engage effectively in diverse teams, and grow professionally.

Our Learning Journey


Career Advancement


Add value to your career and your organization. Enroll in our programs to develop and hone essential skills in areas of impact such as artificial intelligence, data, and technology, and contribute towards transforming the future.

Our digital forensics program will prepare you for a career as a cybercrime investigator. Potential employers include law enforcement agencies, police, banking and financial services (BFSI), cybersecurity consulting firms and social media companies, among others.

Our online program about deep learning will equip you to fulfill a career as a Data Scientist, Analytics Manager, Database Administrator, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, and more.



What is the relevance of the programs you are offering?

At Turnkey Learning, we focus on offering programs in niche areas of growing impact. This we do in association with globally renowned universities, delivered by prominent academics. Our aim is to inspire learners to become more curious, collaborate effectively, and co-create important solutions.

Does Turnkey Learning offer placements for graduates?

No, Turnkey Learning does not have a placement cell yet. However, we invite interested talent managers to our learners’ final presentations at the end of the program and assist in hiring.

What is the Eligibility Test and is there a test fee?

The Eligibility Test is a series of objective questions to assess an applicant. Qualifying the test will gain the applicant entry to the program.

No, there is no test fee.

How do I complete the program payment?

If you qualify in the Eligibility Test, you will receive a link in your registered email for payment completion. Click on the link and follow the instructions to complete payment.

Is this a certification course?

No it is not a certification course. However, you will be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of the program by Carnegie Mellon University.

How will my performance in the course be measured?

Your performance will be measured based on assignments and quizzes you submit. The feedback will be delivered on a weekly basis. You will also interact directly with the faculty during the scheduled weekly office hours. The Chief Academic Advisor will also be available to discuss your performance.

Do I need to complete any prerequisites prior to joining the Computational Forensics & AI course and the Deep Learning course?

You are advised to brush up on your undergraduate degree programming and mathematics topics. If you are or have experience working in a role that requires you to develop software code you may already be comfortable with programming.

What are the recommended system specifications for completing assignments/projects in the Computational Forensics & AI course and the Deep Learning course?

We recommend that you have 1) 100/100 Mbps internet bandwidth plan, and 2) a laptop or desktop with 8GB to 16GB RAM. Please note that you will be granted compute capacity on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to complete assignments as specified by the Professor.

What specific skills will I gain from the Computational Forensics & AI course and Introduction to Deep Learning course?

From the Computational Forensics & AI course you will understand the dark web, acquire skills to perform forensic analysis on voice and images, learn and apply Machine Learning techniques for your analysis. You will also learn skills to generate image fakes and create neural network models for analysis. Please refer to the syllabus for further details when published.

From the Deep Learning course you will acquire hands-on experience using Python including PyTorch and AWS for assignments and projects. You will learn skills to develop Deep Learning models and classifiers through assignments and projects. You will also apply your skills in an online competition.

How much of effort will I be required to spend on successfully completing the program?

While it is very dependent on your individual pace of absorbing new concepts, it is expected that including class hours, students may spend 15 to 18 hours of effort each week.

Corporate Talent Managers

What are the benefits of the programs to our organization(s)?

We equip learners not only with theoretical knowledge but also application-based know-how. Combined with the collaborative classroom structure, group discussions, and presentations, we help learners hone soft skills and interactive skills to nurture holistic development which is integral to organizational leadership.

Can we refer our employees to offered programs?

Yes. Please check Corporate Sponsors for more details.

Do you help with hiring and how can Corporates connect to initiate a conversation?

Yes. We invite hiring managers to our end-of-the-program presentations by learners. Please check Careers for more details.